Teaching & helping others

Coding is great, and combining it with the purpose of helping others, it becomes even better.
I have been contributing to Academind.com by creating tutorials for them.
I have also been writing articles for Eincode.com
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- Next.js & Image Optimisation -
How to use Next.js Image component

Are you tired of writing code to serve the right image size for different screen sizes and use image optimisation services? Read More

server with cables
- Next.js and API fetching -
How to consume data in Next.js apps?

The way data is fetched on Next.js will affect the pre-rendering strategy applied. Do you know them? Read More

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- Next.js & SEO -
Learn how Next.js improves SEO

Next.js a JavaScript framework for building SSR (Server Side Rendering) applications, built on top of the popular React.js... Read More

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- React & Cloud functions -
Sending emails with React & Cloud Functions

Do you need to implement a contact form in your app but don’t want create a back-end app to send an email? Let’s learn... Read More

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- Web Components -
Adding Web Components To Any App

What if we add Web Components to an app and not bundle them? Let’s dive in into the world of plugin based architectures... Read More

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- Web Components -
An Introduction to Web Components

Have you ever dreamed about sharing components between React , Vue and Angular apps? It turns out it’s possible, thanks to Web... Read More

email signature
- HTML & CSS -
Create a Custom HTML + CSS Email Signature

Tired of typing your name at the end of every email you send? In this article you’ll learn how to build your own email signature ... Read More

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- Angular -
Introducing Scully: A Static Site Generator

Have you ever deployed your Angular App and wondered why it didn’t show up on google search results? Let’s explore together how... Read More